About Us

What does
Pro Life mean?

Honoring God first, serving people, and always choosing to support life…ALL life.

ProLifeBank [proposed] is an alternative to the legacy banking systems who, for years, have been unaccountable for their support of the largest abortion provider and other organizations that oppose God’s moral laws. ProLifeBank [proposed] is creating and stewarding a movement in banking that is secure, uncancellable, and abiding to the will of God. We're standing firm in the wake of woke financial systems with a heart to serve the Lord.

Mission Statement

 We exist to provide a financial choice for the world, through all aspects of banking, that honors God and aligns with His principles: 
Gain Honestly   |   Invest Wisely   |   Give Generously
Behind the Bank

Betsy gray

“I believe all human beings are sacred image-bearers of God. Therefore, in 2018 our non-profit looked to do business with a bank that did not philanthropically support the largest non-profit organization that terminates innocent human life. After three weeks of research, our Board Treasurer was quite shocked to report; there was NOT such a bank in our city. After much lamenting and prayer, I felt called by God to start a pro-life bank that not only supports the lives of unborn children but also is aligned with all of God's principles – and ProLifeBank [Proposed] was born.”

"Noah built an ark to save lives.
We’re building a bank to do the same."

Behind the Bank

Nick vujicic

“In 2019, I received a letter from a major bank notifying me that they do not want any affiliation with me or my business. This bank formally refused to explain why. I also learned my bank gave to organizations that terminate innocent life which does not align with my Christian values. After a long process, I went all-in with co-founder Betsy Gray to create ProLifeBank [Proposed]. I am humbled to have known Betsy for the past eight years, who has been one of my dear friends and spiritual sisters throughout my journey.”

core values

 These are our highest priorities, deeply held beliefs, and the core fundamental driving forces for ProLifeBank [Proposed].

Purpose Driven
Steadfast in God’s purpose.
Audaciously Bold
Courageous, fearless and without limits.
Resolved Humility
Determined to put ourselves second, putting our mission and others first.
Refined Simplicity
Dignified, innovative and clear in our approach. 
Committed to Excellence
Desire to be the best in the world.
Servant Minded
Contributing to the well-being of humanity.