Frequently Asked Questions

When will ProLifeBank [proposed] be open for business?

Though progress is never as fast as we'd prefer, we have made great strides toward opening the bank. We are hoping and praying this occurs sometime in 2022. Please join us in prayer for this accomplishment.

Will there be a ProLifeBank [proposed] in my city?

ProLifeBank will be available in all 50 states, everywhere there is internet service, digitally (online) on an app on your phone or your computer.

We plan to have one brick-and-mortar headquarters in the Dallas, Texas area.

Eventually, we will open internationally to serve those requesting ProLifeBank [proposed] in other countries. This expansion will take more time. Keep praying for this!

What banking services will you offer?

Initially, ProLifeBank [proposed] will be a full-service bank including checking, saving, credit and debit cards. Once approved, we will also offer lending products.

Will ProLifeBank [proposed] be available around the world?

Yes, we are going to be an international financial institution.

Will we be able to invest in ProLifeBank [proposed]?

Yes, at some point in the future, after the required regulatory approvals, we plan to open up the ownership opportunities to additional investors. We think it would be a real benefit if our clients and depositors could become owners as well.

Are there employment opportunities at ProLifeBank [proposed]?

Many of you have asked if there may be an opportunity to work for ProLifeBank [proposed]. Yes, there may be many openings, both local and remote. However, we are not at that stage yet, so hang in there. Keep praying, and thank you for your gracious offers!

When will ProLifeBank [proposed] begin to offer charity to those in need?

Our charity giving will happen once the bank is firmly established and well-capitalized, with sufficient pretax income. Eventually, our outreach will be at home and abroad.