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1.6 - December 23rd, 2022
Roe v Wade Reversed

Hello Everyone!

We love you! Thank you for reading this and for praying for us!

We know it’s been longer than usual between updates. We were hoping to have an opening date for you.

We told you in August that we were wrapping up our capital raise to purchase our identified bank. Unfortunately, though we are closer to reaching this goal, we’re not quite there yet. 
There are 40,000 plus people who have clicked on “JOIN US” on the ProLifeBank* website. God uses the number 40 so many times in His story. What if all of you could be a part of this story?

There have been many miracles of God building ProLifeBank*, clear signs you can’t make up. One of our agnostic friends is now a Believer, saved by Christ, simply by knowing the story of ProLifeBank* so far! He determined there had to be a God and wanted to know Him! Now, we pray you can join us to be a part of the ProLifeBank* story.

We’d like to ask all 40,000 of you to commit to fasting and praying for the rest of the capital to come in asap – close to $80MM. So if you can’t fast from food, commit to fasting from something and pray!

We believe this prayer effort will bless the Lord. It’s a giant step of faith, and faith pleases God. We learn in 1 Chronicles 29:1-20 what a privilege it is to be God’s faithful stewards with the blessings He gives to us.

Let’s pray together daily:

“Heavenly Father, Way maker, Miracle worker, Promise Keeper, Light in the darkness; that is Who You are. Even when we don’t see it, You’re working; You never stop. So, we ask that You open the floodgates for Your bank, ProLifeBank*. Send Your stewards asap, Lord. We thank you; we love you and pray the Kingdom, Power, and Glory are Yours forever, in Jesus Mighty Name, amen.” 

Thank you, Leeland, for the powerful lyrics from your worship song, Way Maker.

We all need ProLifeBank* for multiple reasons, and the most significant reason is to bring God glory.

Once we raise all the capital to purchase the bank, we are looking at 3 to 6 months to make ProLifeBank* a reality. We’ll never stop working!

We love you, look forward to serving you, and thank you once again for your patience and, most of all, for your prayers.

Have a Merry Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Christ! And Happy New Year!

God Bless you,

Nick Vujicic and Betsy Gray
PLB Co-founders


1.5 - August 17th, 2022
Roe v Wade Reversed

1. ROE REVERSED was absolutely epic to the scale of a miracle. And only because our constitution is based on Judeo/Christian values. Created only because of THE ONE in Whom all things are held together.
Praise God for our Biblically based system of government. Though far from perfect, it worked once again to correct the course of justice on a federal level.

“We the People” will now have a voice, state by state, to make abortion unthinkable, along with the sexualizing of our children. Our federal government was never designed to become the behemoth it has become. Yet as citizens, we still have the power to change our destiny. America is great for this reason. It was built on the fact that God created us in His image, individuals, for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. At one time most US citizens believed God was sovereign in their lives. Our nation prospered like no other nation in history with this proper respect for God. Perhaps a revival will come again!

We encourage you to continue to get involved in your children’s school boards, your city council, and your city and state government. NOW is the time to restore sanity to our nation by getting involved as salt and light. Our children’s very lives are at stake. Freedom is threatened to become a mist, a memory only.

The Lord’s Word says in 2 Chronicles 16:9 “For the eyes of the LORD roam to and fro over all the earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are fully devoted to Him.
”It goes on to tell the king he was foolish to run to the world for help instead of God Almighty and therefore, help did not come.

So, turn to Him and stand strong, fight the good fight, stay on your knees and let Him find you – and the Lord will show Himself strong on your behalf.

2. THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM: It was brought to our attention that Nick Vujicic’s name has been included on the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) website. This was concerning and understandably so. We all grow and learn in this life, and Nick is no different.

Therefore, in 2011, Nick was invited to be on a panel at the WEF as a spiritual leader. At that time, at age 28, Nick did not fully grasp their agenda.

Now Nick understands the direction of WEF and wants it clear that he does not align with them in any way, shape, or form, nor does ProLifeBank*. That said, you can google “WEF and Nick Vujicic” on YouTube and listen to what he says, and it is all spot on. Nick’s heart has always been after God and all that will bring Him glory. Specifically recognizing we are each valuable with a plan and a purpose – beautiful just as we are. And when you love yourself, you can love others with the overflow from your heart.

3. WHEN WILL YOU BE OPENING? Of course, the number one question we receive is still “WHEN WILL YOU OPEN?” We have been sharing the date of sometime in 2022. However, as of August 2022, we are possibly looking at the next twelve months. It could be quicker with more of a fixed timeline once we’ve locked in the $80 million investment capital to purchase our identified bank. The seed money has been raised. We are ready to go with our plan and our executive team in place. With the volatile economy and hyperinflation, there is also hyper-caution for investors. That said, this is God’s bank, and we have full faith that He will bring the funds needed. God’s timing is perfect, though we think NOW would be perfect, right? Pray with us!

In the book of Daniel, we acknowledge what God chose to make clear; our battle is not against flesh and blood. We learn in Daniel 10:12 that God heard Daniel’s heart from the first day he prayed, but the angel God sent had to fight for 21 days against the “prince of the kingdom of Persia” to break through to reach Daniel. Even requiring Michael, the chief prince angel, to join in the battle. But God wins and the message was delivered. Keep praying, and our breakthrough will arrive too!

4. WHERE WILL PROLIFEBANK BE? ProLifeBank* will be a fintech bank accessible to all 50 states via our app and on your computer. The headquarters will be physically in Dallas, TX, but there is no need for a building in all the states. The handling of cash deposits and withdrawals will be explained when we open.

ProLifeBank* also plans to open internationally, but this will happen after we are fully established in the USA.

5. WHAT ARE YOUR SERVICES? ProLifeBank* will offer all the services you now enjoy at your current banks and more. Business and Personal checking and savings, loans, bill pay, P to P, Credit Card, etc. You are going to love PLB!

6. LIKE-MINDED BANKS: We are not naïve to believe ProLifeBank* is the only solution. It is going to take all of us together to instigate the movement that God calls us to in these times. PLB* is the tip of the spear but is also proactively building an association of liked-minded banks to list on our app to assure diversification.


1.4 - May 12th, 2022
ProLifeBank – Banking on Purpose

Hello Friends and Future Customers of ProLifeBank [Proposed],

Many of you have reached out to us and are anxious to know when we will be opening. Humbly stated, the road has been very up and down. Progress, then regression; progress then regression. As you might imagine, opening a bank that promotes life isn’t easy – which makes it all the more worthwhile. We can, however, answer a handful of the top questions you have been asking:

No, we will not be an ESG bank. ProLifeBank is not interested in being a part of the social justice experimentation on the people of this great nation. We will serve as an excellent bank for our customers worldwide.

MMT is a theory we do not agree with nor think is sustainable.

This is an interesting question. The state of Texas passed HB 483 in 2015 to create the first “gold-backed bank.” There is now a “Texas Bullion Depository” – overseen by the state of TX. However, this is a depository that doesn’t actually function like a typical bank, more like a highly secure warehouse for gold. As of this writing, there is no FDIC bank in our nation that is gold-backed.

The team at ProLifeBank feels your pain. We all want this bank to open yesterday! We realize many of you are in a “holding pattern” from starting businesses to refinancing homes using ProLifeBank. Moving banks is a significant undertaking. However, if you can’t wait, we advise that you search for your best alternative option, then transfer to ProLifeBank as soon as we open our doors. We still believe it will happen this year, if that’s God’s timing.

No, for two reasons: First, we felt the calling was clearly to open a bank, and specifically “ProLifeBank,” by that name. Secondly, because Credit Union members are considered as owners. Because of that fact, there is the possibility of members joining who have evil objective to form a majority and sway the integrity of the institution away from the original intent – to honor God first and foremost in all undertakings. ProLifeBank plans to remain a private holding, ensuring that similar transfer of power does not happen.

YES, there will be an opportunity for investors to invest in future capital raising rounds – as we expect the bank to grow robustly.


We SO appreciate all of the enthusiasm for this incredible bank. To this point, we have never marketed ProLifeBank. Starting in May, we will begin regular posts on social media so we can more easily communicate who we are and the progress we’re making. We’d love for you to follow us, and to also share with your friends and family.

ProLifeBank WILL open. He has put forth this mountain to climb and we ask for your continued prayers and patience as we honor Him. Hang in there with us. ProLifeBank is a big deal – One bank under God!

In Him, Through Him, For Him,

Nick, Betsy and Charles

Founders, ProLifeBank [Proposed]

1.3 - March 23rd, 2022
ProLifeBank – Future Customer Survey

Hello Friends and Future Customers of ProLifeBank [Proposed],

We are excited to begin learning all about our amazing customers: YOU!

We have created a “CUSTOMER SURVEY” to help us get to know you and your needs and wants. It’s fairly short and will help us tremendously.

PLB has made great progress, and we believe God is hearing all of our prayers. And, thank you for those prayers!

We still can’t announce an exact launch date, but we should be able to, close to this summer.

We appreciate your interest, your prayers, and your patience.
As it says in Mark 9:23: “ ‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.”

Believing with you,

Nick, Betsy and Charles

Founders, ProLifeBank [Proposed]

1.2 - February 4th, 2022

Hello Friends and Future Customers of ProLifeBank [Proposed],

We updated our PLB website with lots of new information and wanted you to know. You will want to check it out and share with friends!

The PLB team has made a lot of progress since our last communication and diligently pushed ahead. We are still some months away from opening accounts, but with your continued prayers and ours, it will be as soon as possible! We are trusting God’s perfect timing.

And hello to all of you who receive this announcement as your first! Welcome to the family!

God bless each of you,

Nick, Betsy and Charles

Founders, ProLifeBank [Proposed]

1.1 - November 20th, 2021

Hello to our friends of ProLifeBank [Proposed],

After receiving hundreds of emails, from July through November, we want to acknowledge here that we have read them all! Thank you for your time and interest! We hope to answer the most common questions you’ve asked in the frequently asked questions today!

In keeping with our commitment to share important developments on the creation of His bank, we wanted to share what’s been happening. First and foremost, the evidence is abundantly clear that God is in control.

We are still in the early stages of the regulatory approval process, working closely with our legal team and the guidance of banking industry professionals. We have also made progress in securing and investing in a technology platform for the bank and our customers – ensuring we provide the features you use daily in online banking and apps.

Our vision for ProLifeBank [Proposed] is extensive and comprehensive. Starting a bank is complex and highly involved on many levels. We also are aware of a contingency that does not want us to exist. Therefore, we have been cautious about presenting our business plan to the public, and we hope this makes sense. Thank you for your patience! We will release an overview when advised to do so by our legal counsel. 

We continue the important work of identifying industry leaders right now, who are aligned with us spiritually, to serve in key executive roles. Once the right team comes together, we look forward to introducing you to them.

As we have been steadily focused on raising the required capital and filing applications with the State and Federal banking regulators, many of you have asked about investing in ProLifeBank [Proposed]. Currently, we ask for your prayers in raising capital, and when an investment opportunity is available you will be the first to know.

The demand for us to open our doors is growing stronger every day.  Be encouraged, God is in control and has His hand is certainly on this bank. 

We are grateful for your ongoing support of ProLifeBank [Proposed].

All for God’s glory, in Him, for Him and through Him,
Nick and Betsy

1.0 - August 28th, 2021

Hello, Friends of ProLifeBank [Proposed],

Thank you again for your interest in ProLifeBank [Proposed]!
We are excited to share this announcement with you, and please feel free to share it with like-minded friends. 

I think everyone agrees; we want this bank to open “yesterday”! But we also know God’s timing is perfect. We feel we are moving at warp-speed, and God is in it all, every step of the way! 

So, be encouraged by this announcement. Progress is happening fast. Thank you for your continued prayers. 

All for God’s glory,
Nick and Betsy